The 2020 Four 

Cannella Kitchen is limiting its events this year to those that tick all of the boxes. Local, sustainably grown ingredients, guests who like food, and a great setting.


At present, we are conspiring with some of our favorite people to create a calendar of events where we have the creative freedom that makes working in food worth the while. 

Who we are

Cannella Kitchen is a creative and culinary partnership between Erik Cannella and Adrianne Young. We’ve been cooking together since 2006 and have traveled around the PNW creating everything from cookbooks to gorgeous little sandwiches for 1,500 wine club members.

We’ve seperated our creative partnership from our catering business. If you’d like to talk catering, visit us at Bitte Bitte Leavenworth. 

Cannella Kitchen’s 2020

Seafood Feast 2020

We’re headed to the Puget Sound to cook up some fresh fish and play on the beach. 

Harvest Dinner 2020

We’re partnering with a local farm to create nothing short of a feast.

Thanksgiving Retreat

Intereted in spending Thanksgiving in the foothills of the Cascades? Spend the holiday week having dinner with us. We’re partnerig up with wineries for a five night wine and cider dinner retreat. 

Looking for Catering?

Cannella Kitchen’s sister company Bitte Bitte Leavenworth