Private Dining

In your home and at your table

Set the table

Our private, in-home dining option is perfect for people who want to get together, lean back and have a better than restaurant-quality meal.

Our menus change with the growing season. In the spring, summer and fall, we grow most all of our own produce on our Salmon Safe Farm and source our fruit locally. If you are planning an event outside of the present season, contact us and we’ll send you our other menus.

Cannella Kitchen creates private, in-home meals and is not (at present) a catering company. We are more than happy to recommend local catering catering companies if have an event that requires waitstaff, dishwashers, plates, drinks and event planning.

Choose a menu

Choose a date, time and number of guests

Contact us and we’ll send you a payment link. We often find ourselves talking to multiple parties about the same date. In the Summer, we require payment in full to reserve that date for your party.

All orders are final, but if you need to reschedule, we are happy to accommodate.


Cannella Kitchen’s in-home dining is the perfect option for a gathering of people who want a locally sourced, high quality dinner in their home or rental. We focus on growing and cooking the food. Table set up, dinner dishes, service from the kitchen to the table and rental management is the responsibility of the host and client.

While we are thorough and organized event planners, we are not inspired ones. If you have a large event that requires a caterer to supply drinks, rentals, servers and clean up staff– there are several catering companies in the Chelan Valley that we are happy to recommend. If you need an event planner who can work with us on your party, we are happy to refer you to some of our favorite people to work with.


53 / Person
12 Person Minimum
28 Portion Maximum.

This is a festive menu for a garden party or casual get together where conversation is just as important as wine. Paella being paella, it wants to be cooked with leisure in mind and not a specific dinner time (though we’ll hone in on it). If dinner isn’t the last event for the day, we suggest the risotto.

Andalusian Salad  cucumber, red bell pepper, white onion, thyme and sherry vinegar.

Paella with Chicken, chorizo and seasonally available fish

Add pre dinner nibbles: Appetizer Course: Fruit/melon with prosciutto | Bread*, Manchego cheese and olives $10/person

Chicken Gumbo Dinner

42 / Person
12 Portion minimum

Erik’s roux is dangerously dark and it is so good that it landed him a wife. Gumbo dinners at Cannella Kitchen headquarters are reserved for celebrations after an afternoon out. We set the table with bowls of pickles and bottles of hot sauce and let everyone dress their own bowl. The meal goes slowly and there’s a deliberate pace between bites of gravy soaked cornbread and sips of rosé.

Green bean & Tomato Salad With vinaigrette

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo Dark roux Gumbo with okra, chicken and sausage*



*happily made GF on request
*add wild shrimp/langoustines $2/serving
*8 oz hot sauce $6

‘Build your own’ bar

45 / Person
12 Portion Minimum

The perfect option for that afternoon party of an eclectic guest list. This is the perfect option for an after-meeting luncheon or a first night on vacation dinner.

Choose two
Coffee & Chocolate Rubbed Sliced Beef
Cured fish salad dressed with preserved lemon vinaigrette
Lemon & Herb sliced chicken breast
Roasted vegetables dressed with herbs and vinaigrette

Buns & Torn Baguette

Blue cheese butter
Apricot chili jam
Pickled red onions
Lightly dressed arugula
Tomato Confit spread

Green salad with preserved lemon vinaigrette

Lemon pound cake


45 / Person
12 Portion Minimum

Eggplant cigars
Sweet pea shooters
Calamari Steak Salad – dressed in lemon & white pepper
Spring vegetable risotto made cream free.

Pork Ribs

52 / Person
8 Portion Minimum

Let’s talk ribs. Ribs maintain an emotional stronghold over many of our hearts. But how the ribs are served is a different matter entirely. We have two options: the first is the tried and true Ribs a la Café Manson. The second, Erik’s Tuscan-style ribs, are cooked to a terrifyingly dry state and then rehydrated with balsamic red wine sauce. They. Are. Amazing. 

Sesame rice noodle with roasted shallot

Pork ribs slow cooked and glazed in a 5-spice plum sauce

Succotash of vegetables

Wild Rice Pilaf


Light, crispy onion rings with house made ketchup and aioli

Tuscan-style ribs rubbed in herbs, dry roasted and then brought to life with balsamic and wine reduction and served with a salsa verde

White beans and rosemary 

Green Salad with pinot grigio vinaigrette

Low Country Menu

60 / person
6 Portion Minimum
What is “Low Country”? It’s a culinary perspective that comes from coasts of the Carolinas and Georgia (Depending on who you talk to, this definition can give or take a Carolina and a state or two) and incorporates African, Indigenous and European methodologies. 

Basically, it’s America at its best. Erik’s Low Country incorporates his classical training in New York. How can it be possible that A New Yorker in the Pacific Northwest rocks Low Country food? Sometimes we don’t question why stuff works the way it works.

Deep Fried Oyster Po Boys

Salad Seasonal vegetables and preserved lemon vinaigrette

Peanut & pumpkin soup  with Caribbean curry and coconut milk

African-style red snapper stew served with side of lentils and stewed greens


Halved young chicken smothered in sausage gravy

Herb-dressed Sides of Salmon

53 / Person – family style
8 Portion Minimum

A collective “oooh” rises from the table every time we serve this herb-dressed salmon. It’s pretty cool to hear. Choose the Pissaladière for a light but rich starter or the clams (when available) to keep people active and moving at the table. 

Pissaladière Puff Pastry with caramelized onions, anchovy, olives & herbs


Steamed clams (when available) with garlic, lemon and chopped herbs

Risotto with mushrooms, parmesan and butter

Sides of Salmon with a preserved lemon vinaigrette gremolata and seasonal side vegetable

Lemon Herb Chicken

45 / Person
12 Portion Minimum
Grilled artichokes marinated in citrus, caramelized garlic and herbs
Roasted Mushrooms with red wine dressing
Carrot arugula salad
Lemon Herb Chicken
Herb roasted baby potatoes

Cannella Kitchen Unleashed


A custom-created menu with appetizers and four courses of our favorite but not easy meals. 


Dessert Options

Chocolate Bread Pudding with whiskey caramel sauce $40 (serves 8)

Custom-made dark chocolate truffles $36/dozen

Poached pears in honey riesling sauce $6/person

Chocolate brownie tart $56 (serves 8)

Tree fruit tartin with caramel sauce and whipped cream $45 (serves 8)

Lime lemon tart $45 (serves 8) Or 24 tartlets $56

Big Fluffy coconut cake $55 (serves up to 10)

Rosewater cornmeal cake and fruit compote (serves 8) $35

Pot de Crème (serves 8) $68

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread bars (serves 12) $52

Add a personal touch

Do you have a special guest who likes spice or pickles or lots of extra gravy?

Hot sauce $5

Herbs de Provence sea salt $8

Extra gravy (16 oz) $8

Refrigerator Pickles (cucumber, green tomatoes, green beans, carrots, Kimchi) $12/quart


Important Stuff!

Pricing is for food and in-home preparation. Dinners are served on your platters or plates using your utensils. We are happy to provide a list of servers, dishwashers and rental companies.