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Our food, your plates

In Home Private Dining

Easy-going meals made to be enjoyed at leisure

This July’s menus are perfect for a patio dinner or post wine-tasting feast. We’re experts at wine and food pairing, so let us know if you’ve picked up a local bottle you want us to cook a meal around.

Simple. Casual. Improvised.

The Traveller’s Meal

If you travel for food and wine, have Cannella Kitchen cook you a slightly structured, mostly improvised meal. Five courses start at $45.

For groups who love food

Uncommonly Good, Everyday Food

We make unfussy meals expertly.

Handmade Fresh Pasta


Antipasti of lightly dressed farmer’s market vegetables, locally sourced internationally made cheese, cured meat

Summer garden salad with tender greens, herbs and preserved lemon vinaigrette

Pick a Glutenous or Gluten-free main course for the table:

Fresh, handmade pasta with local, organic eggs, wild mushrooms, herbs, olive oil, white wine and garlic.

Shredded Parmesan on the side.

OR go Gluten Free with

Creamy, dairy-free polenta.

Poor Man’s Porchetta


Flat Bread with rosemary white bean dip and Humbolt fog cheese

Roasted Farmer’s Market Vegetables

Pork loin rolled around micro greens and herbs.

Lemon peel rice

Tuscan Pork Ribs


Cured white fish and roasted vegetable spreads, locally made bread, GF crackers, carrot and jicama slaw.

Smoked Tuscan Pork Ribs – smoked with an herb rub then pumped with a balsamic red wine reduction sauce

Platters of mini potatoes with just picked dill, a touch of Lebanese mint and grilled market vegetables.

About our menus and costs

We create our menus to the occasion, season and person. When we cook, we’re cooking to help you and your table relax and create a new memory.

We have a minimum is $600 per event. For parties over 10 people, we charge 25/hour per staff member.

Drop Us a Line

Tell us about your event! Let us know if you have any questions!