We’re opening soon in Leavenworth! It’s reasonably hectic opening a commercial kitchen and so our private chef services are seeing their last days. Below are the three menus we can offer at this time.

Sometimes, though, we crete a new menu and have to cook it. That’s when we go on sale! Join the catering specials email list for our specials.

A Friendly Dinner

60 / person
This is a modular table where the dishes can be eaten on their own as sides or used as a garnish on top of the starch and vegetable base. It’s the kind of dinner we like to have as a family of very different appetites.

All non meat dishes are vegan and most are gluten free (our bread is not gluten free)

Tian of sliced root vegetables (Parsnips, potato, sweet potato, celeriac) in a white wine sauce.
Sides of:
Pea Shoots dressed in warm pumpkin, burnt shallot and mushroom broth
Micro greens and shredded carrots dressed in mustard and lemon vinaigrette
Snacking croutons – roasted with garlic, herbs, oil and sea salt
Mushrooms sautéed and seasoned based on what mushrooms might be available
Eggplant rubbed and tossed with za’atar and lemon in a hot skillet

Add: Shredded beef rib in tomato sauce 8/Person
Side of fish (Market Price)

Lamb Dinner

60 / person
Antipasti : Quartered and steamed artichokes in a lemon, red wine and herb vinaigrette / Bread, cheeses and cured meats
Main course : Lamb ribs with balsamic reduction sauce over fluffy polenta and green beans
Dessert: Fresh pie from Home Fire’s Bakery or Something Amazing from Anjou Bakery (amazing is their trademark) or local made chocolate truffles.

Pork Dinner

60 / person
Just Main Course & Sides : 24 / person

Starters: Salt Cod Cakes with remoulade
Main course (choose one) : Smoked Pork chops with brandy pear sauce with seasonal vegetables, cabbage and potatoes