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We cook, you serve

We’re cooking in Leavenworth! At present, Cannella Kitchen is offering private chef services. We come to your home and cook for you. After our catering kitchen is finished, we can come to your venue with prepared food. Our Private chef menus are made of items that can be made in your home kitchen with in a reasonable timeframe. Look for our catering menus soon!

Special Private Chef Pricing for Harvest

It’s time to make the most of the season and play with what the farmer’s market has to offer. Each dinner will be structured around your menu choices but the side dishes will be determined by the cool little things we find at the farm stalls.

$300 for a 12-person meal

For a few weeks, we’re putting our private chef services on special. Choose a date and a menu. We’ll talk details and then we’ll see you for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Pricing for item procurement and chef services only. You find the dishes, invite your friends, plate yourself up, eat and enjoy.

$100 Travel fee applies outside of Leavenworth & Wenatchee.

Show Stopping Sides of Salmon

Get out that big platter you never use and get out the camera. Dressed in Micro greens and herbs, the salmon comes off the grill ready to be the star of the table.

We use wild caught salmon (not sourced at the farmer’s market) and cook it on the grill (if you have one) or in the oven.


Salmon Dressed in Herb Salad
Farm Salad
Roasted Vegetables
Boiled Potatoes

This menu is on sale!
$300 for a 12-person meal

Want a little more? Some of these menus require a few more plates and platters than our harvest menus.

Shrimp & Grits

45 / Person
Just Main Course : 28 / person
Spreads & Bread Starter : blue cheese | roasted baby carrots and goat
cheese | white bean
Soup : Greens Gumbo : brothy with farmer’s market greens
Main Course : Shrimp and grits and mussels – Erik’s signature dish of
green rated prawns, mussels, garlic sausage, beer and shrimp broth

Beef Dinner

50 / Person
Just Main Course : 24 / person
Wild Caught Shrimp Cocktail
Salad : Green beans, carrots and tomatoes in a toasted shallot dressing
Main Course : Beef short ribs over fluffy polenta

Chicken Dinner

32 / Person
Just Main Course : 22 / person
Sweet pea crostini with shaved Parmesan Starter
Salad : Cherry Tomato Caprese
Main course : Chicken Paprikash over toasted penne and finished with
sour cream

Lamb Dinner

45 / person
Just Main Course : 32 / person
Starters : Radish butter crostini | Cucumber yogurt soup
Main course : Lamb Tagine with Moroccan Cous Cous roasted vegetables,
potatoes and herb salad garnish

Pork Dinner

40 / person
Just Main Course & Sides : 24 / person

Starters: Assiette de crudite | Cured whitefish spread with bread
Main course (choose one) : Pork Ribs slow cooked and glazed in a slightly
sweet & sour plum sauce : or : Smoked Pork chops with brandy pear sauce
Sides : Succotash of seasonal vegetables | Potatoes

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Our inspiration comes from our family table. We grew up with true Italian, Finnish, Chinese, Russian and German fare brought to this country by people who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) sit still. Our holiday’s were a mix of cultures with one objective – to celebrate life. That’s what we serve – a celebration of living and loving and hoping to live and love for a long, long time.