Ox Tail




Vegan and Gluten free!

Pickleback & Pickle

Filtering Vinegar

House Made Potato Chips




they’re good



A couple of bottles of rosé, a meal to linger over and a moment away from the rest of life

We make our menus to be enjoyed alongside conversation and at leisure. Some menus feature items that can be served hot or cold, so that the plate never takes too much attention away from the company at the table.

Like any good dinner guest, our food speaks to people. It talks about the exchange of ideas and cultural methodology. It tells of how high-and-hot makes sense with vegan pan sauces and low and quiet makes ox tail tell all. How sometimes adding a touch of char will kick up a flaccid wine and how a splash of nut oil will set a jumpy wine at ease.

We are just as happy to put together a multi-course vegan meal as we are to make bear heart confit and moose liver pate – which we did one Halloween – somewhat awkwardly.

In any given week, we’ll have made chicken marsala, chili, paella and dim sum. We speak many different food languages – some fluently, some conversationally.