Ox Tail




Vegan and Gluten free!

Pickleback & Pickle

Filtering Vinegar

House Made Potato Chips




they’re good



Our food is rooted in the Italian, Finnish, Chinese, Russian and Hawaiian dishes we were served as kids. We swap out ingredients, techniques and styles to serve food that is without gimmick or fevered reverence.

We create our menus to be as inclusive as possible to accommodate a range of dietary restrictions.

As a culinary team, we have found a strength in co-creating. Our home kitchen and pantry are our living room and there are times when we focus only on creating new collaborations. Now happens to be one of those times. We’re starting seeds, working on our second edition of the micro greens book as well as working on our sparkling rosé project.

There is no possible way to keep this website updated with what we do and create.

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