In Home Lunch Counter

Your own in-home lunch counter. Lunch is served between the hours of 11 to 3PM. If you are looking for a meal after 3PM, we make dinner once a month on a set date.

In home meals are by prepayment only, well send you a payment link once we confirm your menu and address.

We shop, arrive, cook, serve on your plates with your flatware. We will clean the kitchen to the state that we found it.

Add Sandwiches

Add a cache of sandwiches for later to you order.
•Roasted Chicken sandwich on baguette with tomato, arugula and goat cheese
•Cheese steak with caramelized onions and peppers
•Tuna salad tartine with lemon caper dressing
•Roasted mushroom with preserved lemon vinaigrette
24 sandwiches: $280

Last Minute Lunches

Chef fee for Leavenworth Only Last Minute Lunches
$150 Parties up to 12 people
$300 (2 chefs) Parties up to 24 people

You are in Leavenworth. You have a full kitchen and plates at your disposal. You have people who want to eat. You need food.

Call and place an order. Then we’ll head to the store and come on over. Call by 9AM and we’ll be cooking by noon. Call by 11AM and we’ll be cooking at your place by 2.

Last minute lunch menus are improvised. The details of the courses can change. Let us know if anyone in your party has food allergies, we’re happy to accommodate.

Vegan In home Lunch
•Panzanella salad with red wine vinaigrette
•Vegean paella or risotto
•Roasted tree fruit with hyssop simple syrup
35/person • 350 Minimum

Improvised Menu Sample
•Big Green Salad with red wine vinaigrette
•Seasonal roasted vegetables
•Big bowl of pasta or roasted potatoes
•Dessert of the moment
Choose a main course, one main course served per lunch. Seared salmon • lamb chops • smoked pork chops
45/person • Minimum $450

Cannella Kitchen’s Hotdogs
Hempler’s hot dogs, buns and garnishes
• Chef made condiments and toppings served on the side: Spicy napa cabbage slaw, quick pickled radishes, purple onions, sweet carrots, jalapeño slices, mustard, ketchup and aioli.
20/person • $200 minimum

Chef Us Now
For those of you who want the true Erik lunch counter experience, STAT.

85/person • $340 minimum

Planned Lunches

For Leavenworth & Plain to Wenatchee
$150 Parties of up to 12 people
$300 (2 chefs) Parties up to 24 people

If you have a little more time, let’s make a date and we’ll start ordering from our favorite vendors.

Breezy Spring Day Lunch
•Zucchini fritter with scallion sour cream
•Celery Apple walnut salad with Dijon mustard vinaigrette with blue cheese dressing
•Chicken sausage and okra Gumbo with white rice
•Bread pudding seared with caramel sauce
40/person • $400 Minimum

SImple and Different
•Herb and preserved lemon chicken thighs
•Handmade pasta seasoned with nasturtium skordalia
•Green bean salad with toasted garlic orange vinaigrette
•Poached tree fruit with in hyssop syrup with ice cream
25/person • $250 Minimum

Northwest Spring Lunch
•Roasted asparagus salad with herbed goat cheese pucks
•Mussels with white wine butter broth and bread
•Apple tartlets with caramel sauce
35/person • $350 minimum

Cannella Unleashed
For those of you who want the true Erik lunch counter experience of unexpected combinations of ingredients, last minute additions and the kind of hours long food experience you remember at Cannella Kitchen
65/person • $260 minimum

Tele: 509•888•4197
PO Box 2251
Leavenworth, WA 98826