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Join the Kitchen Club

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We'll send you a membership card

Membership offer closes October 31st

Your membership card is an invite to Camp Speakeasy

Kitchen Club Members can preorder from a special menu or show up for the meal of the day.

Find a person in a Cannella Kitchen Apron

And give them your food voucher.
(It’s not going to be this apron seen here)

Order a Cocktail from Blue Spirits

Alas, no, your Kitchen Club Membership does not entitle you to a free cocktail.

We'll bring you food

Food created to pair with cocktails!

Invest to fest, mingle, party and soiree

We’ve teamed up with Blue Spirits Distillery to create a new Leavenworth experience. It’s casual but refined. Festive but epicurean. Approachable but invite only.

It’s called Camp Speakeasy – a series of food and cocktail parties. Come, order a cocktail from the Blue Spirits counter, Cannella Kitchen will bring you food, hang out and relax.

You need an invite to get into Camp Speakeasy. That’s where the Kitchen Club membership gets really useful.

Your Kitchen Club membership card is your permanent Camp Speakeasy invite, which gets you in the door. Once in the door, you can buy cocktails at the Blue Spirits counter. Hand your food voucher to a person in a Cannella Kitchen apron and we’ll bring you food.

You can join the Kitchen Club until October 31st. As a Club member you’ll be supporting our kitchen’s ramp up and we’re prepared to thank you in kind. After October 31st, Kitchen Club membership won’t be available again until January 2019.

Important to note: We’re thanking you for your investment in Cannella Kitchen’s endeavors at Blue Spirits Craft Campus with an invite to enjoy our food and ambiance. Cocktails are not included but will be available for purchase at the event.

Kitchen Club Member

•Kitchen Club Card is an automatic invite to our club events, which include Camp Speakeasy Events. We know that we’ll want to have other private events, like say, at a winery or an orchard or lakeside, on the ocean shore or in your garage. The world is a bowl of cherries – let’s go eat.

•Club Memberships come with 4 food vouchers. You can bring your friends and use them all at once or you can join us for a whole (yet to be released) calendar of events.

•Your membership never expires. Neither do your food vouchers.

•Club membership allows you to preselect from an exclusive Kitchen Club menu.

•Your food voucher price stays at $30/per event for Camp Speakeasy Events until 2019.

•You’ll be one of 50 until 2019. Maybe even forever. Maybe not. We don’t know. We’re new here.

Kitchen Club

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