Live your best life at the midday table

July’s Leavenworth Lunch Special

Mountain Garden Salad tender greens, herbs and flowers with Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette
Farmer’s Market Vegetables, roasted lightly dressed with sea salt and vinaigrette
Lavender Smoked Chicken sliced and served with gravy
Roasted Herbed Potatoes

Fresh, local fruit dessert $6/person

Friday Lunch Counter

We are working on finding a new spot for Cannella Kitchen where we will open a lunch counter. Because the best things happen when people get together to lunch.

In the meantime, bring us into your kitchen and have your own Friday lunch counter. Guests can come and go as their schedule allows and a chef will be on hand to cook and serve five easy-going courses. Have something in your pantry you want to try? We’re always game to play.

8 Person Minimum
Custom Menu: 45/person
Chef’s Improvised Menu: 35/person

Lunch for Days

While we’re in your kitchen, we can make a bunch more food and stock your refrigerator with a few days’ worth of lunch.

Fill your refrigerator with:
Chocolate and Coffee rubbed beef sandwiches with blue cheese butter and arugula
Chicken Vietnamese-style baguette sandwiches
Red Quinoa, Cucumber & Adzuki bean salad
No Mayo Potato Salad with with an anchovy citrus dressing
Brunch frittata – eggs, potatoes, leeks and bacon
Roasted Vegetable Platters
Beef Bourguignon

Platters that serve 8 range from $25 (Quinoa Salad) to $150 (Beef Bourguignon)

Your Garden Party

Are you rocking the garden? Abundantly so? Cannella Kitchen will happily cook from your garden. We’ll stuff squash blossoms, fry sage, dress tomatoes in ver jus and use whatever you want us to cook. Have wild game? Great, let’s cook that up too!

Three Courses: 25/person
8 Person Minimum

Hungry! What now?

Step one: Drop a line, text or give a call.
Step two: Pick a date, an address and a menu.
Step three: We’ll send you a payment link.
Step four: All paid up? Yay! We’ll reserve the date and see you soon!

Lunch Hours

Lunch Menus available 7 Days a Week
11:00am – 4:00pm

Phone: (509) 888-4197

Want to talk food and dates?

Let’s! (509) 888-4197