About Cannella Kitchen &

Cannella Kitchen started out as Café Manson in 2009 with a $3,800 cash budget, a crumbling building and a $400 house stove.

We opened on the side street 8-miles outside of a resort town in the off season.

But people were hungry and we eeked out a living, eventually moving to a building on the main street. In 2013, we changed the name from Café Manson to Cannella Kitchen &.

Since closing our Manson spot in 2014, we have been restaurant consultants, kitchen designers, private chefs in the Pacific Northwest. We relocated to Leavenworth in 2016 and welcomed our daughter in September of that year.

With the birth of our daughter, we evolved our view of food and dining. We’re pretty excited to start cooking for our customers again soon.

As a culinary team

Adrianne Dow Young and Chef Erik Cannella have been a culinary team since 2006-ish.

Chef Erik Cannella has spent his professional life working in restaurant kitchens. He holds a degree from the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park 1993), where he learned the history, techniques, and language of Classic French cuisine. His recipes have been featured in The New York Times, Bon Appetit, cookbooks and regional publications.

Adrianne, a writer, started cooking professionally in 2007. Since then, she has become an accomplished professional cook* whose Chinese New Year dinners have developed a cult following.

Together they create simple, approachable food that speaks its own language. The Italian/Finnish dinner tables of Erik’s childhood will inspire a gravlax salad and Adrianne’s Maui-born sensibilities will alter it into a gravlax poke. In their kitchen, Duck confit is rubbed with a custom five spice blend and served with a pickled kumquat relish. Their food is approachable, multicultural, and without pretense.

Their cooking adventures have taken them from Napa Valley to Montana, cooking baroque winery events, spare vineyard dinners, emergency birthday buffets and spontaneous farm meals.

*Adrianne reserves the title “chef” for those who are fluent in the language of cooking and who have worked an unglamorous number of years in the restaurant kitchen without losing their inspiration to create phenomenal food every moment of every shift.