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Cannella Kitchen & is mostly gluten free. If you see an “*” the item contains wheat. Our bread is not GF and desserts are but rarely.


Roasted Asparagus & Goat cheese  –9–
with preserved lemon vinaigrette

Bibb Lettuce Salad  –8–
With watercress and raddichio. Blue cheese dressing

Smoked Pork Rillettes –12–
served with warm *bread, mustard and pickles

*Bread and Butter –4.50–

Roasted Baby Carrots and Turnips –4.50–
with smoked Paprika and aoili

Potatoes –6–

Greens –6–Winter greens sauteed in garlic, tamari and touched with rice vinegar

Hot sauce  –1.50– Our Lemon pepper or habanero or pickled Jalapeños

Beef Paprikash  –24– with potatoes and greens

Pork Meatballs –22–
Over polenta with greens

Lemon Chicken –19–
Hind quarters rubbed in herbs and slow-cooked, served over potatoes and vegetables

Pumpkin Dumpling Disks –22–
Roasted Cinderella pumpkin & Hubbard squash mixed with potato flour in a lemon & caper butter sauce

Catfish Gumbo –16–

Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake –7–
with whipped cream

Rose water ice cream –3.50–

*Bread Pudding –7–
Pear Peacan with caramel sauce

After Dinner Drinks Dessert Cider, Hard Row to Hoe 10 glass
Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Okanagon 8 glass
Sauternes, 8 glass
Port, Ventimiglia 10 glass

Caffe Umbria French Press
Small –4– Large –8–
Regular or decafinated


This stuff not your cup of tea? We understand. Check out our Where Else to Eat Page and find anything and everything you’d prefer. From Burgers to Pizza to great places with high chairs and a kid’s menu. We’ve listed most of what’s in our area.