Cannella Kitchen’s 2019 event book is closed.

Are you looking to serve some amazing food in 2020?

We will open our 2020 event book in December – when we look up from our cutting boards.

We are hiring! See positions and pay here!

Corporate Retreats

Serve unforgettable meals for multiple days. For limited addresses in Leavenworth, Washington only.

Non Profit Events

Elegant, approachable dinners for fundraisers, retreats, and board dinners.

Private Dining

Celebrate a special event with a bespoke meal cooked in home. Limited Leavenworth addresses and availability.

Winter Dinners

Coming 2020, in home dining that celebrates the season that is Winter in Leavenworth.

By subscription only.


Our 2021 wedding book will open January 2020.

Image of pumpkin beignets
Gluten free pumpkin beignets

About Us

Cannella Kitchen is a culinary collaboration between Chef Erik Cannella and Adrianne Dow Young.

Together, they blend cultural perspectives, flavors and cooking techniques to create wine friendly food that’s both approachable and distinct.

Chef Erik is a CIA-Hyde Park graduate whose ability to cook in field and on the fly was honed as the executive chef at Matt’s in the Market – where he worked with an oven and two butane burners to serve the endlessly busy 23-seat restaurant. His smoked catfish, peach, and pecan salad is a revelation of happy flavors and has just made it back into our menu rotation. His gumbo’s roux is so dark, so perfectly rich that one woman decided she couldn’t live without it.

Adrianne Dow Young has been cooking professionally since 2007 when she decided that she wanted to write about food differently. She has cooked vineyard-side in Napa Valley and ran the line at Cannella Kitchen – the restaurant she and Erik co owned in Manson. She takes the lead in menu creation, incorporating logistics with a passion for life at the table.

Contact Us

In the movie version, we’d see your email, hear your voice mail, read your text. At present, we are in the middle of 16-hour days 7/days a week.

Can we chat in November? We’re booked until then.