Cannella Kitchen

Coming soon to the Blue Spirits Craft Campus

Cannella Kitchen is back

(Yeah, it’s been a minute)
We’ve moved from Lake Chelan to Leavenworth, Washington.

Serving bites next to cocktails

Locally sourced, handmade food made to pair with superior cocktails.

We're also catering

For right now, we’re offering private chef services. Casual, catered lunches and early dinners. We come and cook. You can hang out in the kitchen or have drinks on the deck. When the meal is ready, bring your plate, Erik will dish you up and you eat.

Catering coming soon (we need to complete our kitchen, wanna help with that?)

@ the Blue Spirits Craft Campus

Where we’re hosting a series of events. We couldn’t be more excited about it. We’re like, “!x10″ excited. Really.

Cannella Kitchen at the Blue Spirits Craft Campus

Blue Spirits and Cannella Kitchen are teaming up at the new Craft Campus Event Center in Leavenworth to put on an event series where food and cocktails play. Events are invite only but invites are easily had.

Camp Speakeasy

Camp Speaskeasy is a little Leavenworth getaway where you enjoy craft cocktails and Cannella Kitchen’s seasonal, locally sourced food. Just a few steps away from the crowd, you can pop in for a premium Blue Spirits experience and enjoy a menu of small plates.

Introducing Camp Speakeasy

Become a Camp VIP

Camp Speakeasy is a playdate for food and cocktails. At a Camp Speakeasy party, duck confit and a lavender vodka cocktail do a little dance. It’s where a tartine of whiskey-kissed chanterelles makes friends with Blue Spirits Indiana Rye.

Each event is invite only and you’ll need to reserve and prepay for your meal. We’ve made the process pretty dang easy. Easier, in fact, than ordering at the old Cannella Kitchen.

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