Cannella Kitchen has relocated to Leavenworth, Washington.
We don’t have a space quite yet, but we are offering private chef services, restaurant consulting and in home cooking classes.

Our food is simple, mostly gluten free, made from scratch and by hand*. We cook and serve menus inspired by the people who made us–our family.

While we look for a suitable space for another Cannella Kitchen, we’re cooking private dinners and have a host of winery events this summer.

If you would us to cook in your home, take a look at our private dining menu page. Need something fast and lighter? Check out our in home hors d’ oeuvres.

We hope to see you later in a new space.

*Anjou Bakery makes our bread and we’re happy that they do.

Contact Cannella Kitchen electronically or give us a call and leave a message: (509) 888-4197