Cannella Kitchen

Coming soon to the Blue Spirits Craft Campus

Cannella Kitchen is back

(Yeah, it’s been a minute)
We’ve moved from Lake Chelan to Leavenworth, Washington.

Serving bites next to cocktails

Locally sourced, handmade food made to pair with superior cocktails.

@ the Blue Spirits Craft Campus

Where we’re hosting a series of events. We couldn’t be more excited about it. We’re like, “!x10” excited. Really.

Cannella Kitchen at the Blue Spirits Craft Campus

Casually Sublime Events

Blue Spirits Craft Campus Events

Camp Speakeasy is a playdate for food and cocktails. At a Camp Speakeasy party, duck confit and a lavender vodka cocktail do a little dance. It’s where a tartine of whiskey-kissed chanterelles makes friends with Blue Spirits Indiana Rye.

We’re creating the calendar of Camp Speakeasy easy weekends as we speak.

But note, we aren’t a restaurant. These invite only are invite only catered parties. You can ask us for an invite or simply join the mailing list. For each event, the menu is set with two options: vegan or not vegan. Want more options? Join the Kitchen Club.

Get on the mailing list for updates. Become a Supper Club Member for special parties and offers.

Your Own Event at Blue Spirits Craft Campus

The Blue Spirits Craft Campus is available for your 2018 event. Host your party with us. Are you a small company? Come SHARE the event space and catering bill with other small companies. Email us for more event rental information.